Russia republic of tatarstan kazan

russia republic of tatarstan kazan

19th century edit In the 19th century, tatarstan became a center of Jadidism, an Islamic movement that preached tolerance of other religions. Under the influence of local Jadidist theologians, the bulgars were renowned for their friendly relations with other peoples of the russian Empire. However, after the October revolution religion was largely outlawed and all theologians were repressed. Early 20th century edit further information: Tatar Autonomous soviet Socialist Republic During the civil War of Tatar nationalists attempted to establish an independent republic (the Idel-Ural State ). They were, however, put down by the bolsheviks and the tatar Autonomous soviet Socialist Republic was established on may 27, 1920. 4 The boundaries of the republic did not include a majority of the volga tatars.

The earliest known organized state within the boundaries of Tatarstan was Volga bulgaria (c. . The volga bulgars had an advanced mercantile state with trade contacts throughout Inner Eurasia, the middle east, and the baltic, which maintained its independence despite pressure by such nations as the Khazars, the kievan Rus, and the cuman - kipchaks. Islam was introduced skin by missionaries from Baghdad around the time of Ibn Fadlan 's journey in 922. Volga bulgaria finally fell to the armies of the mongol prince batu Khan in the late 1230s (see mongol invasion of Volga bulgaria.) The inhabitants, mixing with the golden Horde 's Kipchak-speaking people, became known as the "Volga tatars." Another theory postulates that there were. In the 1430s, the region again became independent as the base of the Khanate of kazan, a capital having light been established in kazan, 170 km (110 mi) up the volga from the ruined capital of the bulgars. The Khanate of kazan was conquered by the troops of Tsar ivan the terrible in the 1550s, with kazan being taken in 1552. A large number of Bulgars were killed and forcibly converted to Christianity and were culturally russified. Cathedrals were built in kazan; by 1593 all mosques in the area were destroyed. The russian government forbade the construction of mosques, a prohibition that was not lifted until the 18th century by catherine the Great. The first mosque to be rebuilt under Catherine's auspices was constructed in 17661770.

russia republic of tatarstan kazan
the volga and extends east to the Ural mountains. Borders: internal: Kirov oblast (n udmurt Republic (N/ne republic of Bashkortostan (E/se orenburg Oblast (se samara Oblast (s ulyanovsk Oblast (S/sw chuvash Republic (w mari El Republic (W/NW). Highest point: 381 m (1,250 ft) 18 Maximum ns distance: 290 km (180 mi) Maximum ew distance: 460 km (290 mi) rivers edit view on the taima river from devil's Tower in Yelabuga. Major rivers include (Tatar names are given in parentheses lakes edit major reservoirs of the republic include (Tatar names are given in parentheses The biggest lake is Qaban. The biggest swamp is Kulyagash. Hills edit natural resources edit major natural resources of Tatarstan include oil, natural gas, gypsum, and more. It is estimated that the republic has over one billion tons of oil deposits. 19 Climate edit average january temperature : 15 C (5 F) average july temperature: 18 C (64 F) average annual temperature: 4 C (39 F) average annual precipitation : up to 500 to 550 mm (20 to 22 in) Administrative divisions edit main article: Administrative divisions of the republic of Tatarstan History edit.
russia republic of tatarstan kazan

Tatarstan republic, russia

The republic borders, kirov, ulyanovsk, samara, and. Orenburg Oblasts, the, mari El, udmurt, and, chuvash Republics, and the, republic of Bashkortostan. The area of the republic is 68,000 square kilometres (26,000 sq mi). The unofficial Tatarstan motto. 15 As of the 2010 Census, the population of Tatarstan was 3,786,488. 8 The state has strong ties with its eastern neighbor experience the republic of Bashkortostan. 16 17 Contents Etymology edit further information: Tatars and Tartary "Tatarstan" derives from the name of the ethnic group—the tatars —and the persian suffix -stan (meaning "state" apotheke or "country" of, an ending common to many eurasian countries).

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russia republic of tatarstan kazan

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russia republic of tatarstan kazan

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100 museums of 2388, listed by popularity. While accounting for less than 1 of the global venture market, Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) generates about 20 of icos and pre-icos in the world; and Russia, by far the regional leader, accounted for more than 1The ico summit competition is an international gathering. Whether you are exploring how Blockchain ts into your strategy, an early adopter, looking for investment opportunities, or a policy maker join the world innovative minds at this must-attend Summit. Providing superb learning experience, participants will also have chiropractor ample opportunities to exchange ideas with and seek informal advice from international experts and peers, evaluate pre-ico projects, initiate collaboration opportunities, and more. This article is about the republic in Russia. Tatarstan, see, gepard class frigate. Russian Federation, located in the, volga federal District. Its capital is the city of, kazan.

Russia republic of tatarstan kazan
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    Most of the republic lies in the forest-steppe zone on degraded, or podzolized, chernozems (black earth). 8 sie besteht bis heute als Russländisches Islamisches Institut ( Rossiskij Islamskij Institut ) weiter. Dieser vertritt die republik völkerrechtlich, ernennt und entlässt die vertreter in ausländischen Staaten und in internationalen Organisationen und schließt Verträge mit ausländischen Staaten. Annual rainfall is about 1720 inches (420510 mm with a summer maximum.

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    In the first half of the 1990s, in connection with the collapse of the soviet Union and the transition to a market economy, the level of socio-economic development of the republic significantly decreased. In der Republik gibt es 2434 allgemeinbildende Schulen und 30 Hochschulen (darunter 16 staatliche die meisten Hochschulen sind in Kasan angesiedelt. The climate is continental, with long, severe winters and hot summers.

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    Alternative titles: Tatar. Stadtkreise bilden die hauptstadt der Republik und Millionenstadt Kasan sowie nabereschnyje Tschelny. Samara, reservoir on the, volga river, where it is joined by the kazanka river. Kazan has a theatre of Tatar opera and ballet, a philharmonic society, and a noted Tatar museum.

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    Auch nach dem Ende der Mongolenherrschaft verblieben sie im Land. In the east the land rises to the Urals foreland. 1988 wurde in Tatarstan das Tatarische zentrum gebildet, das für die völlige Unabhängigkeit des Landes und für eine kulturelle einheit der im Land lebenden Tataren mit denen in Baschkortostan, tschuwaschien und Sibirien eintrat. Russian and Mordovian languages (Moksha and Erzya) are the official languages.

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    Both sides wanted to subdue the mordovian lands. It is the closest to moscow national region. Das Klima ist gemäßigt- kontinental, mit warmem anhaltendem, manchmal heißem und dürrem Sommer und gemäßigt kaltem Winter.

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