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Debriefing yesterday in class today was a true joy! The kids talked about you all day today, definitely a home run! darryl Andrews, director of Activities, yukon High School, yukon. Scott is different because he doesnt demand anything. He simply asks students what they should be demanding from themselves and from each other getting them to aspire to a higher calling, a higher purpose. Scotts speech laid the groundwork for our entire leadership program.

Out of all of the keynotes that we have had at this conference, he was by far the most engaging and entertaining. On top of that, he had a great message to convey that really stuck with the students. The youth still talk about his speech and the inspiration they received from. What most impressed me about Scott was that he truly has a passion for connecting with the students on their level. His dedication to what he does is evident; after he spoke he stayed for a few hours and interacted with every kid that wanted to speak to him. I cannot thank feuchtigkeit Scott enough for delivering a great speech and message! Moran, director, louisiana 4-h. His style and delivery captivated student leaders and adults in grasping his message! Scott is professional, respectful, and insightful! We will welcome him back to new Mexico in a heartbeat! Mary hahn, Executive director, new Mexico Association of Student councils.

sadd lights
he is still there to work with student leaders, advisors and just take in the culture of the group. I have seen too many speakers get up and talk about their book that is for sale, or some website they are promoting. I have seen speakers drop the microphone and run out door before the applause even stopped. Scott isnt just a speaker for hire, he wants to interact with the kids, the advisors, the students. He is a guy you may have to kick out of the building at the end of the day. That is what I like about Scott. While speaking is his profession, it is more his passion. If you can only hire one speaker for your teens, hire Scott. Jimmy Gleich, Activities Director, bishop Manogue hs, reno. Scott recently spoke at our state conference with over 1400 students.
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Matt soeth, Activities Director, kimball High School and board Member cada board Member. In over a decade of hiring speakers for our conferences, Scott is hands down the best speaker we have ever had! Chenique murphy, executive director, hoby southern California. Ive taught here for 22 years, and weve never had a standing ovation until Scott! The kids were so into his message and I think they really took it to heart. Sue robinson, Activities Director, nooksack high School, everson,. As an activities director I find important to bring in speakers that can connect with my students on multiple levels. I look for a speaker who can be funny, serious, inspiring and motivational. Scott Backovich is all those things and more.

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You may also like. Directors, Advisors, and Educators, laurie wann, director of Activities, Greenville high School. Julie williamson, mississippi deca, rob McKim, Principal,. Baker Middle School, auburn. Scott Smith, Assistant Principal, green nooksack valley high School, everson,. Jasimine harris, Activities Director, eastwood High School, El Paso. Maggie bell, Activities Director, century high School,.

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    Do them at a set time each day or, if you are having a one day event, do them during each class that day. Young people attend parties throughout the year, but peer pressure is highest on these two occasions, when energy and excitement run high and students feel invincible. Visit local liquor stores and convenience stores and ask them to be diligent about checking IDs and not selling to anyone under the age.

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    Class slogans can also be incorporated in the chain, or each person can glue a picture of himself or herself onto the inside of the chain. Offer juice, water, cookies, etc. . Many of the students asked questions and are now advocates for healthy relationships.

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    Use a sky writing plane, too! Game night- Sponsor a game night for 4th through 6th graders from your feeder school. (When planning your day, dont forget to receive permission from your principal and notify teachers of what will be taking place.) Dress him/her in all black and paint the face white. Game Show Use your imagination in adapting a current tv show for students to play,.

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