Lakme products list

lakme products list

Loreal Professionnel Salons, loreal Professionnel offers exclusive education courses, the most innovative products, fantastic artistic opportunities, business building initiatives and most importantly, a commitment to being your hairdressing partner. LOréal Professionnel combines a passion for fashion with the most innovative technology, forming strong links with top designers, photographers, and beauty and fashion magazines, to raise the profile of the hairdressing industry. More than a hundred years later, loréal Professionnel has continued to provide one of the strongest educational programmes in the entire beauty and hairdressing industry. Star sitara salon, star sitara is a unique beauty salon for men and women which aims to democratize salon services for easy access to all and deliver quality service at very affordable prices. Star sitara, evokes a theme of Bollywood and promises to make you a star. Star sitara provides all skin and hair related beauty service. The salons are spacious and the atmosphere relaxed.

Shahnaz husain runs over 200 salons and spas worldwide offering herbal beauty treatments and Shahnaz husain products. Vlcc, vlcc was founded by Mrs. Vandana luthra in 1989. Vlcc has revolutionsed the beauty and wellness industry with a presence of 300 locations across 109 cities in 9 countries namely India, uae, oman, bahrain, qatar, kuwait, Sri lanka, bangladesh and Nepal. Vlcc is widely recognized for its scientific weight loss solutions and its therapeutic approach to beauty treatments. The vlcc personal Care line consists of over 100 skin-care, hair-care and body-care products retailed from 10,000 outlets through over 150 distributors, providing solutions for skin care, body firming and Shaping, foot Care, hair Care, pain Relieving. Naturals Unisex Salon and Spa. Naturals, the name is synonymous today with beauty care and styling in India. With 114 salons dotting the busiest areas in south India and atleast 4 new branches getting operational every month, naturals is acknowledged as the most happening chain of beauty care centers in India. Unisex salon is a concept popularized by naturals and has today become the fastest secret growing salon chain in the country. Moreover Naturals has created and perfected a franchise system short which has proved to be a successful business model, spelling a win-win situation to all partners.

lakme products list
hair Expert who started the comapny with a vision to provide quality hair styling and beauty services to the wider populace of the country. Jawed Habib salons offer a full range of hair and beauty services carrying the hall mark of quality that is synonymous with Jawed Habib. The ambience of the salons reflect the passion and warmth of Jawed Habib. When you walk into one of the jawed Habib salons, the ambience and personalised services ensures client satisfaction. Shahnaz husain Spas and Salons, shahnaz husain is the pioneer and leader of herbal care in India. She has taken Indias ayurvedic tradition to every corner of the globe. The Shahnaz husain Group is Indias leading company in the field of natural beauty and anti-aging treatments. Started in the 1970s by Shahnaz husain in New Delhi, the group has over time vertically integrated to encompass every aspect of ayurvedic care and cure.
lakme products list

Lakme Products online buy, lakme

Lakme operates Indias first and leading chain of lakmé Studios and Salons that offer expert services. Lakme has about 10 lakme Studios and 122 lakme salons at premium locations in 34 cities, providing beauty services. The history of lakme Brand stretches back to the time when the beauty Industry in India was watching its inception. Since then lakme has grown to be a leader. Lakme beauty salons offer, hair Care, skin Care, hand and feet Care, bridal Services. All the services have been designed keeping Indian beauty trends and need in mind. Jawed Habib hair beauty salon.

Lakme, products online buy, lakme cosmetics

Lakme 9 to 5 weightless mousse foundation (Price:. This is a foundation with mixed reviews. However, i recommend this entirely from personal experience. This foundation is a tube of convenience and decent coverage. I recommend buying this, after you have tried it at a store. This is my quick fix foundation, which means I mix this with my moisturiser and apply with a foundation brush. That way, i get a nice tinted coverage and also keeps it in place for a longer time.

lakme products list

Maybelline did very well, with this range! LOreal Paris Infallible 24h foundation (Price:. I remember watching a review of this foundation on a famous California basedr, last year, much before it launched in India. I loved how flawless her skin looked, and I hoped this would hit the Indian cosmetic market, soon! Prayers answered, and a few months later the Infallible foundation was launched here. Coming to the product, i have to say it took a few days to love this product, entirely.

Some days I was in love with it, and other days, i was not very sure. But, my final verdict is that this is a top level foundation. Easy to apply, and blend, it gives full coverage, and depending on how you play with it, it can pass as a medium one, as well. A single pump works, for my entire face and neck, too. I just have one piece of advice if you have dry skin, make sure you moisturize well or it tends to sit on your dry patches. Other than, that, you are sorted for a good 8 to 10 hours. Ahem, i have not worn make up for 24 hours, so not sure about that.

10 Best, lakme, products in India: reviews, Price

It is easily one of the highly recommended and most reviewed foundations in 2016. From makeup artists, to beauty gurus, the maybelline fit me foundation is impressing the crowds. I personally, love the fact that it comes with a range of shades, from lightest to the darkest to suit our indian skin tones. As the name says, you will find a fit for yourself. I enjoy wearing this, and find myself reaching out to this on most days. Gives medium coverage, for days when you do not want to look all made up and this does not sit on my dry patches at all! The consistency makes it easy to blend, and easily gives me 4 to 6 hours of coverage. I would say, rimpels not bad for the price tag.

lakme products list

10 Best, products from, lakme

These foundations have the best shade matches for indian skin. It is kind obvious that each one of us have our personal favorites. And, then, factoring in the skin types, priorities and such. However, in the midst of all, we still love a top 10 list. Personally, i love reading the top 10 articles. Gives me names of brands, options, and helps in deciding what I can style or should not invest. List of Top Ten foundations for Indian skin Tones:. Maybelline fit me, matte poreless foundation (Price:. This one is, currently, quite the hot stuff.

The blog, from sketch fall to final product Dress Republic design team is able to produce anything that you have in mind. Simply send us any photo, rough sketch or text based input for our review and we will prepare a comprehensive price"s for your custom made-to-measure order. Find out more, newsletter signup, hear From Us get a special Sign Up Offer, discount coupons prior Sale Announcements from Dress Republic! When you know a post will be read by all the vna followers, and some of you might decide to invest in one or many of these products, it makes me feel all perky and excited. Gives me that extra push to ensure i have got my grounds covered, as much as possible. Especially, with makeup foundations! This is one makeup product we always want to get right, since the base defines how our final look turns out to be, right? . Here goes my list of top 10 foundations available in India, in no particular order, available in stores or online or both.

Top 10 Best, lakme, products in India new love - makeup

Eyes, face, lips, nails, texture, all diabetes Products, list of Services. The beauty salon Industry in India has seen phenomenal growth in the past few years. With the increased demand of beauty awareness and coming of International beauty Brands in the Indian Market. The beauty industry is a 10,000 crore business in India, the salon business amounts to 5,000 crore making it one of the fastest growing industries recording an all time high of 400 last year. Here is a list of the most popular beauty salon Chains in India. Lakme beauty salons, lakme is an Indian Brand of Cosmetics owned by Unilever. Lakme is one of the most trusted name in the world of beauty in India and all across the world as well.

Lakme products list
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    Medium coverage, perfect for day-to-day use, and pretty long lasting as well! Rating :.5/5 solutions for acne: 5 Remedies to Treat Acne at Home top 10 Creams for Fading Acne Scars 10 Home remedies to Treat Scalp Acne 8 Home remedies to reduce Acne Scars 10 tea tree oil Products for Acne-Prone and Sensitive skin home. Besides, its delightfully light, and since i shudder at the mere thought of applying those heavy, oily lotions, the peach Milk moisturizer is perfect for. .

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    Enrich Satin line of lipsticks that it has in its booty for the longest time. Nostalgia, yes, but there is no denial that the Enrich Satin range continues to rule the makeup shelves all over the country. Lakme provides an absolute excellent on in their range. No matter how many brands are launched in the Indian market, no matter how many international (albeit, expensive) products battle it out on the makeup shelves, lakme is one brand which has not only stood the test of time, but also made a special place.

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    Lakme Absolute Gloss Addict Liner : A gorgeous jet black liner that is also water resistant. Once i entered college though, my roomie ensured that I somehow wipe off aaaaallll the makeup residue, and thats when I was introduced to this magic potion that lakme calls its bi-phased makeup Remover. Though suited to all skin types, i feel that it is apt for sensitive skin, for besides being surprisingly light, it is dermatologically tested too, ensuring no breakouts as well as removing all traces of the most stubborn makeup. .

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